Friends of the Fowey Estuary

Poole harbour they gradually head south to West Africa for the winter (with Poole Harbour imprinted as their home).

Male osprey generally breed at the age of two or three and return to their home area to breed so it is hoped that in 2019 adult males will be looking to breed in Poole harbour area. Females raised there or others heading northwards will hopefully pair with the males.

It is hoped that the re-introduced birds will form a link between osprey in the Midlands and in Northern France and will spread along the south coast.

Male osprey prefer their home imprinted area but if there are no suitable nest sites they will move away. They much prefer to inherit or steal a nest, rather than make one, so we hope that our artificial nests in the South West will eventually be adopted.

There are now eight osprey nest poles around the Tamar, two here on the Fowey, one on the Helford estuary and one on the Taw/Torridge estuary. I have my eyes on a possible site for our new Three Bays Wildlife group to investigate to the west of Fowey.

Unfortunately, there have been few osprey sightings on the Fowey estuary during migration this year.

However, this exciting Poole Harbour project could bring the adoption of our nest poles closer. What a thought!

Rob Wells

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